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Work Out and Relax Like a Boss

Pilates became a household name, but many are unaware that Pilates is not just referring to a movement method, but a person. Joseph Pilates is the creator of Contrology, the movement methodology Pilates exists in, and the whole equipment system to accompany self-practice. Joe intended for everyone to do Contrology every day at home and on their own as a part of their health regimen. With the goal to create independence with the method, Joe began making home exercise equipment.

Looking at the size and stature of most Pilates apparatus, it can be hard to believe the equipment is meant for home use. Joseph Pilates’ goal was to create dual purpose exercise equipment by harnessing the exercise potential of an apparatus and allowing it to transform into household furniture.

The Wunda Chair was the most popular piece of home equipment Joe created specifically for NY apartments low on space. In Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates & His Legacy, John Steel details how the chair could be turned into equipment and furniture, “By flipping the chair on its back and making one other minor adjustment, the exercise apparatus nicely double as furniture - a dining chair.”

Other apparatus had convertible purposes as well, such as the reformer with a chaise lounge cover and tower unit, which started as a bed with springs attached to the headboard.

That’s right. Joseph Pilates literally expected you to wake up and bust out your Hundred.

Joe was truly ahead of his time by envisioning and creating a functional system of movement and accessible equipment for individual, home use.

Fast forward all these years, and into a global pandemic, and Pilates is manifesting in the at home exercise regimen more and more. Due to the low space requirement of low and Wunda chairs, the apparatus is a popular choice. Many people have even bought reformers or focus on the equipment free mat work.

The takeaway is that Joseph Pilates idea of what fitness COULD BE is becoming a reality. Pilates is a household term and is becoming more of a regimented, at home practice. Apparatus like the Low and Wunda chair are being purchased whether they still double as furniture or not because people realize the benefits of the work.

Time to Rock The Chair Like a Boss

My fellow movers, shakers and educator, let’s rock out on the chair in my #FBomb Chair Like a Boss Workout and Workshop!

Chair Like a Boss is an hour long chair workout going through the classical exercises with creative variations. The Chair looks unassuming, but only a boss can hang with the burn.

You can join the #FBomb Chair Like a Boss Workshop LIVE on August 12th or purchase a replay that is available for 365 days after the event. That’s right friends, a FULL YEAR to experience the workout and challenge your strength on the chair: the most unassuming and sneaky hard apparatus!

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