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Owner | Teacher Trainer

Danica has been a Pilates practitioner and movement educator for over 20 years. Guided by the methodology of Joseph Pilates, she teaches to educate each body of their individual movement potential.  

Danica is a licensed NCPT and an advanced graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder where she studied intensively under the Alpers sisters and numerous other master teachers.


She holds an MFA from the University of Colorado and a BA from Goucher College, both in performance/choreography and  somatics. Her passion for movement education has made Pilates 804 Richmond’s premier training center specializing in restorative Pilates for all bodies. 


Danica is also the creator of Somaphyx ®, Pilates training for practitioners and movement educators. She offers comprehensive apprentice-based training at Pilates 804 as well as virtual bridge and mentorship programs.   




Eliza Diener-Brazelle is comprehensively certified through the Teacher Training Program at Pilates 804. A lifelong dancer and student of movement, Eliza's fascination with functional movement systems was sparked by studying anatomy and somatics while earning a BFA in dance and choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University. Following graduation from VCU, she studied Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS) under EBAS founder and master teacher Scott Putman, and received her Level I EBAS teaching certification in 2013. As a teacher, Eliza hopes to offer individually tailored instruction to help each of her clients achieve his or her personal movement goals.




Damien Lowery is comprehensively certified through the Teacher Training Program at Pilates 804.  He has been a lifelong fan of the fitness industry.  His interest in movement began while teaching Les Mills yoga classes in Northern Virginia.  During and after his time in Northern Virginia, Damien continued to explore functional movement to strengthen mind, body, and spirit through various exercise approaches.


Damien is also looking to obtain a certification as a fitness instructor after the completion of the Teacher Training Program so that he can make meaningful connections to help people feel motivated and enjoy regular physical activity and reap the benefits that exercise has to offer. Damien aspires to help the community to stay fit through movement so that they can enjoy life to its fullest.  


Outside of the Pilates/Fitness world you’ll find Damien spending time with his wife Anna and daughter Sydney. 




Aisling Chaplin is comprehensively certified through the Teacher Training Program at Pilates 804. Aisling discovered Pilates while looking for new ways to exercise after a back injury. She is profoundly grateful for all that Pilates has done and continues to do for her, and now hopes to learn how to help others discover what movement can do for them.

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