The explosion of Pilates into the mainstream fitness circuit has left its mark in gyms, studios and living rooms across the world. Bargain bins are filed with discount DVD’s boasting Pilates as the miracle body toner.  Meanwhile, trainers are filling group classes with the simple premise that Pilates will give you a stronger and more lean body.  Is Pilates really a universal workout that anyone can do in order to achieve their individual maximum movement and physical potential?  YES it is!  However, new students to Pilates are at the mercy of the quality of the instruction they choose.  

Located in the far West End of Richmond, Virginia, Pilates 804 is Pilates instruction in the cleanest definition.  The method utilizes a controlled regimen to build conscious neuromuscular patterns putting the mind in control of the body. You will empower your body with faithful practice.  

The fitness industry has the consumer believing that one can grab a mat, join a class and they are doing Pilates.  It is undeniable that in our increasingly sedentary lifestyles any moving is better than no moving at all.  However, there is a difference between mimicking choreography and being instructed how to properly execute controlled movement.  Clients will discover how the method should be taught to their individual needs, ailments and restrictions while internalizing an unparalleled mind body connection.  At Pilates 804 every client has an experience unique to their body.