Prospective trainees must submit an Application and Resume as well as complete a Test In session. Test In sessions must be done with the program director and are discounted to $45. The applicant must demonstrate proficiency on the Reformer at the Intermediate level. A successful test in grants admittance pending an interview to finalize the training agreement.


Test In sessions may be scheduled online but to receive a complete course catalog contact the program director at

Course Requirements

In Studio Hours

100 Lessons

150 Observation

200 Teaching

100 Self Practice

Formal Lecture Series

Weekend One: Beginning Systems

Weekend Two: Advanced Beginning – Intermediate Systems

Weekend Three: Intermediate – Advanced Intermediate Systems

Weekend Four: Advance Systems and Applications

Weekend Five: Anatomy and Kinesiology Applications, Special Populations, Teaching Clinic

Each weekend is 16 hours of lecture. Dates of next lecture series.


Case Study

Choose one private client to work with regularly for 25 consecutive sessions. A written detailed analysis outlining progress and change in the client is submitted before final testing.

25 hours



3 Written Tests

    4 hours each

1 Practice Teaching Practical

     2 hours 

1 Practice Performance Practical

     1 hour

1 Final Teaching Pracitcal

     2 hours

1 Final Performance Practical

     1  hour

Tuition and Fees

Full Program Tuition - $4500

Deposit - $250

Includes studio access, 12 privates sessions and free class drop in.   

Additional fees for program continuance if not completed within 12 months of start date.  

Payment plan available.

***The TTPP curriculum is currently being restructured to incorporate online training in order to make quality teacher training more accessible. Online course work will allow trainees to work at their own pace and reduce in studio time. Pricing will also change as the course work will be module based.   


To request more information or a complete course catalog please fill out the contact form below.  

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