"I came to Danica after 10 years of chronic pain.  Her expertise was evident from the moment she saw me and immediately got me moving on the Reformer.  I had done every trendy workout craze – you name it!  Pilates is where it’s at!  Pilates is a practice and it takes patients and control that is not required for other forms of exercise.  I have gained confidence that I’ve never had and I look forward to the new challenges that come with every session.  Above all Danica is a great educator.  Her expertise is rooted in her many years of teaching.  She requires great precision from her clients and she provides perfect guidance through each exercise.  She takes a personalized approach and uses knowledge of human lifestyle tendencies to really understand her clients and teaches them to help themselves beyond the 60 minute session.  Pilates is truly the way I came to trust and love my body again.  I will always practice Pilates and I will always be grateful for the education that Danica is passing along."
                                                                                        Shannon B.


"I have been a student at Pilates 804 for the last five years,  I started working with Danica the year I retired, and I can say without hesitation, that it was one of the very best decisions I have ever made for my overall health and well-being. At 65, my body is stronger than it's ever been, and, my Mother is finally pleased with my "posture."  Danica is an exceptional instructor. She uses her extensive knowledge of anatomy to help me understand the importance and benefits of key Pilates principles, and, with wonderful humor and great encouragement, she then guides me through a seemingly endless number of Pilates exercises and routines, using both mat, reformer and herself to demonstrate proper technique. As a former manager of corporate training, I know a good instructor when I meet one.  We are very fortunate to have Danica the dancer, instructor and Pilates leader in the Richmond community." 

                                                                                        Linda M.



"I have been taking private Pilates classes from Danica for the past 4 months. I have taken many group classes  in the Richmond area, and nothing can compare. Danica has had extensive training in the original Pilates method, and her knowledge of anatomy is amazing . She (unlike other teachers) is able to put my body in the correct positions to get the most out of every exercise. I am now a total believer that Pilates can lengthen your spine , and strenghthen your core.  Private sessions with Danica are worth thier weight in gold."    

                                                                                        Patty M. 



"Pilates has educated me on the human body and how it works. The muscular and skeletal systems have a direct relationship to the each other and are undeniably interconnected, a "team". For example, I understand now that I must really "stand" (with concentrated effort) on my feet to initiate my alignment. This thought allows me to stand tall, get long, avoid my bad habits of leaning to one side, and ultimately work like God created me to. I have learned tools to protect my knees, back and shoulders from injury. Also Danica has taught me tools to use while driving, lying or sitting. Pilates is what keeps me from pain."                                                                               

                                                                                 Elizabeth de W. 

"Danica is truly gifted in responding to the needs of the individual with your complete understanding of the skeletal and muscular interaction necessary to improve the body.  Her skills enhance your desire to have Pilates work correctly and thoroughly, bringing each person's body correctly into alignment; one of the primary outcomes of Pilates.  Pilates has made me know how my body works--it's magic in providing the way to strengthen one's core, Increase balance and bring the body to its optimum functionality.  That is allowing me, or any individual to do more, be healthier, stronger, balanced, have better posture making my goal be in alignment with the lifestyle of my choice.  I came to Pilates hoping to work out pain in my hips after working with physical therapists without complete recovery.  I wanted to have a stronger core and better balance as well.  I tried reading about "Pilates" techniques, what the goals of it use were and how that fit with what I wanted to accomplish.  The fit was there.  I am so glad to be free of the pain, a bit taller because I've learned how to carry my body, have that good sense of balance and a stronger core.  In other words, all the goals were/are achieved.  I will continue to take individual Pilates class as I truly believe it is the way to learn what is right for your body.  Danica is marvelous to work with.  Her style is without question of the highest caliber."
                                                                                Karen H.