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Your Money, Your Body: How to Get What You Pay For


We are confronted by the dilemma of choice for almost every service and product we desire. Choices for health and fitness are no exemption. There are millions of workouts, trainers, practitioners and group classes to spend time and money on. Money!! It is the only common link in your choice. So, how do you know you are getting quality instruction for your hard earned pennies.

Find a Certified Instructor There are NO state or federal regulatory guidelines for the mandatory certification of Pilates instructors. Certification programs and regulatory agencies have been established like the PMA. They vary from online test out programs to full time apprentice based programs. How do you know if an instructor is qualified to your liking BEFORE your account is debited?

Read Instructor Profiles All studios post instructor biographies. If they don't, continue on to the next studio in your search because that information should be easily accessible. Look for what training program they have completed. Ideally, you are looking for an instructor that has been through a comprehensive program including over 600 hours of training and a heavily monitored apprenticeship. Look at their past teaching experience and be wary if there isn't ANY at all.

Comprehensively trained instructors can be difficult to find in some areas. Teachers that have completed module based training programs are limited to teaching on the pieces of apparatus they've trained on. Their experience, teaching skill set and variety of certifications are their strength.

Do a Cross-Check Ever lied on a resume? You are lying now if you say no. An instructor biography is in no way a resume but the language is easily molded into what needs to be heard. Do not be shy about cross-referencing what you read through a google search. No one can hide anymore. Look into their programs, workshops and instructors they have studied under. Decide whether you feel this person meets your standards by learning about their connection to the method. Word of Mouth The original marketing tool. Ask around and find out where people go. Ask them why and what instructors they like. When I hear a client give a word of mouth referral the main thing I want to hear is "I can't tell you how much I've learned about my body and how to move". That fulfills me as a teacher but maybe you're just looking for a kick as workout. Guide your questions accordingly.

The price of a private session is nothing too snarf at. Regular classes take their healthy cut as well. You should take something away from a great session or class. Pilates does take a mental investment and may not be for everyone. Any moving is better than no moving at all so get out there and do it!

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