Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know how to use Pilates apparatus?


Do not be intimidated by the apparatus and its torturous appearance. Everyone has to start somewhere.  The apparatus is actually incredibly simple and easy to use by design.  Instructors at Pilates 804 make your safety priority.  Therefore, every client is taught basic terminology and handling of the apparatus.  You will gain confidence in using the apparatus to your body’s needs within you first few classes.  With dedicated practice, the apparatus will become as regular to you as an elliptical.


What makes Pilates different from Yoga?


Pilates and Yoga both strive to harness strength of the body but have key differences in methodology.  The use of apparatus is the most obvious of difference.  However, there are also differences in the breathing techniques as well as stretching and cueing.  Pilates and Yoga both strive for balanced freedom of movement and complement each other well.  The body needs movement above all.



Will it reshape my body like the infomercials say?


Pilates will change the body with dedicated practice.  Muscles will forever shape as we move them.  Pilates is movement.  The use of the springs challenges while supporting the body as it moves through the choreography. Learning control of the springs teaches uniformed muscular development as the whole body must absorb the changing force of the spring. Those jeans in the back of the closet can live to see another day.


Is Pilates cardiovascular?


Form and precision are of such focus that beginners tend to move slower.  Exercise is not considered cardiovascular until the heart rate has sustained target rate for twenty minutes.  Pilates is therefore not cardiovascular in the beginning.  Once the method has been ingrained choreography and difficulty are expanded upon as the flow of movement also increases.  Eventually, a one hour Pilates workout can become a butt kicking sweat dropper.


Isn’t Pilates something dancers do?


Joseph Pilates was not a dancer.  He was a boxer, wrestler and gymnast.  The Pilates – Dance connection was by coincidence of lease when Joseph opened his first studio in NY.  Dancers frequented the studio for rehabilitation and cross-training.  They eventually became the first trainees and were given permission to open their own studios carrying on the lineage. Joseph created Pilates (Contrology), as a training regimen with therapeutic results. Dancers have been integral in lineage of the method but Pilates is meant for everyone.     


Do I need to bring a mat?


No.  All of the wood line apparatus are convertible to mats.  Feel free to bring a sealed water bottle.


What do I wear?


Where whatever you feel comfortable working out in.  Clothes should be form fitting and not excessively baggy because instructors need to see your body to keep you in good working form.  Be aware that Pilates requires movement in various special planes and we all value our modesty.  Socks are not required but are highly recommended.  


Is there a late cancellation policy?


Yes.  Private, small group and duet sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Under 24 hours and the client is responsible for payment in full.  Classes have a 12 hour cancellation policy.  If registered for a class clients will be charged if not removed from the class 12 hours in advanced.  Late cancelations will be deducted individually from class cards or in full for single appointments.


Is there a shower?


No.  There is not a shower at Pilates 804 but there are two private changing stalls for those on the go.  There is also storage for your personal items during your lesson.