A personalized workout tailored to your individual goals and needs. 


Private Session

Private lessons are for those who want the full benefits of personalized instruction.  Every movement is tailored to the individual need of the client.  At Pilates 804 we truly believe that no two bodies are the same.  While classes are a great addition to your workout routine, Private Apparatus lessons develop the mind, body and spirit at your pace with sequencing and cuing crucial to your individual experience.  The ideal choice for clients looking to utilize the rehabilitative qualities of Pilates.  Clients will work on all of the apparatus as they progress through the method.


Duet Session

Grab a friend and try something new together.  Two clients can work together on Reformer, Tower and Chair.  Mat work is also incorporated. Receive personal attention with more cost efficiency.  Pilates 804 DOES NOT provide duet partners.  Both participants must have a complete profile in MBO to complete booking.  



Small Group / Studio Rental

Have 3 to 6 people that you want to work out with?  Create your own small group apparatus or mat class.  Whether it be for a special event or a regular weekly class.  A great idea for showers, lunch bunches or just something new to do with friends.   Please contact via email at Pilates804@pilates804.com to schedule a Small Group Rental or call 804.476.8188.




Private, Duet and Small Group Sessions have a strict 24hr cancellation policy. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in the full charge of the session type booked. Early cancellation of one out of a duet leaves the remaining client subject to the difference of a private session.