Client Reviews 

Nicole P. 



What do you do when you're in a mid morning slump, and you just want to go back to bed? You attend Danica's fBombFriday (Cueing Opposition) Workshop. I feel energized and excited that I could do exercises I haven't done in a while.  Also, left with juicy tidbits of information. I will forever look at shoulder blocks differently.  Thank you sweet mean lady.    


Kathy D.


Really a pleasure to watch. I have seen some of the interviews on Instagram and it's really  inspiring to see you take your frustrations and challenges and make "lemonade"! the world needs more teachers like you .


Rachel L.


I love this studio! The instructors are incredibly well-trained and truly care about their clients and your well being. My back, posture and body look and feel so much better after only a few sessions. I recently moved to the area and I have taken Pilates for 15 years. I am a bit picky so you know this place is good when I say I won’t go anywhere else.

Babette M.

Love, Love. Get a great workout for you mind and body.  I noticed a difference after only a few sessions with her.  I find myself applying things that I learn in a session to my everyday life and am more aware of my body and alignment.   Great place something for everyone  from privates to a class.

Lesley S.


I have been doing classic mat pilates since 2008 and was feeling a little stagnant the last few years. I have tried every single form of exercise there is and then I found Pilates 804 close to home in RVA. I took a reformer class for the very first time a few weeks ago with one of the certified instructor-trainers and it challenged me to the point where I can't get enough. The alignment of the spine, stability and control that the reformer gives is AMAZING! I think I walked out of there an half inch taller, seriously!Yesterday, I had a chance to do an online mat pilates class with Danica. What can I say about Pilates804! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I feel amazingly sore today!!Many thanks to Danica and her staff who are amazing to work with. The teachings of Pilates 804 is at most the best place I have found in the Richmond area.


Ashley M.

First Pilates experience and Danica was amazing! Being a dental hygienist, my posture and my core need all the help they can get. I decided to do a small group private class with some friends. Highly recommend taking some friends and experiencing it for yourself!!




I am really enjoyed to do pilates in here . The staffs exactly evaluate problem of my body line and then they give guidelines for keeping good bodylines. And each class they carefully teach and fix my wrong position! I really appreciated !! Thanks !!



Casey R.

Danica and Eliza are both incredible instructors who understand the structure and mechanics of the human body incredibly well. I did a duet private lesson with my mom, who is 60 and had never done Pilates before. She was very nervous going into it, but Eliza was so comforting and compassionate and put my mom at ease right away.

Annie R.

What a great studio! Friendly & knowledgeable staff and a beautiful, fully-equipped space. I teach Pilates & dance myself, so I am extra choosy and know good from the not-so-good. Danica is 100% great! She gave me a great workout for both body AND mind. She really knows her stuff and makes sure you feel it, so the results last. Brilliant!


Kate S.

Outstanding. Personable and professional with an incredible knowledge of anatomy and physiology to enhance expert knowledge of Pilates. Personally, I've gone from physical pain to a strength and fitness I never thought I'd get back after 5 kids and multiple abdominal surgeries. It's the best thing I do for myself every week.


Jess B.

Danica thoroughly understands the body and how it works, as well as what your specific needs are in terms of the Pilates exercises she chooses to give you. She doesn't move you through the regimen too quickly, understanding your pace and your own limitations as a student. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in maintaining good physical fitness.