Small Group Classes for Undivided Attention

New to Pilates804?

We highly suggest our package of 3 Private Sessions which ensures you have experience on all of the apparatus before joining a group class suited to your current working level. 

What Level Are You?

  • Beginner Class - Level 1: Want to learn how to use the equipment and the basic exercises of the Pilates method but possibly don't know where to start?  Level 1 is where you build  strength and skill by gradually progressing through the exercises while learning how to operate the equipment safely. 

  • Low Intermediate - Level 1.5:  You're experienced with the equipment but not ready for the Pilates Olympics and need more time fine tuning your skills. You may still need assistance from your instructor with transitioning the equipment.

  • Intermediate - Level 2: You're ready for the challenge of a steady tempo and increased difficulty in the exercises then Level 2 is for you. You are not hindered by injuries and have full understanding of how to operate the equipment without assistance from your instructor. 

  • Advanced - Level 3: Ready to drop some sweat? Level 3 is an advanced tempo requiring experience. You must be comfortable with lifting hips, balance work and swift transitions with the equipment.