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Introducing Series Classes 

 What's a Series Class? A Series Class is a session of 4-6 consecutive sessions where you progress gradually as exercises are methodically added. Series classes are leveled by apparatus.

Are Series Classes the way to go?  Yes!!! Other than Private Sessions, we believe that taking a series class is the best way to learn proper technique without risk of injury and to build strength. You'll also learn how to use the equipment on your own through verbal cues from the teacher. Once you take the Level I Series you can move right on up into our Level II Series with teacher approval .

Series Begin 7/6/2021

We Still Have Open Level Classes

What's an Open Level Class?  Our current Open Level Classes are our TCM = Tower, Mat and Chair and/or a Reformer and More Class. These classes are more of a following along at a steady pace with the knowledge of the pilates language by your instructor. 

Level Breakdown

  • Beginner Class - Level I: Want to learn how to use the equipment and the basic exercises of the Pilates method but possibly don't know where to start?  Level I is where you build  strength and skill by gradually progressing through the exercises. 

  • Intermediate - Level II: If you are looking for more of a flow with a steady tempo and increased challenge then Level II is for you. Please Note that you must be able to left your hips without risk of injury and have full understanding of how to operate the studio equipment on your own. 

  • Advanced - Level III:  Looking to drop some sweat? Level III is a no assistance from the teachers kind of work out. Be the master of your domain while feeling comfortable enough with inversions and all the crazy fun stuff.