Apparatus of Pilates 804


 The reformer is the most familiar of the apparatus.  The moving carriage challenges stability and control.  It features 5 springs gradated in resistance.  The springs move with the choreography and teach the client how to manipulate the steady change of weight from integrated musculature. 

Tower | Table

Unlike the reformer, there is no moving carriage.  The use of various spring tensions and lengths allows the client to focus on targeted elements of movement.  The support of the table allows for more therapeutic work.

Low Chair

This compact piece of equipmet hones strength and balance.  It teaches control through the total body integration necessary to occupy space.  The chair reveals all!  It brings subconsious imbalances to the surface making them impossible for the mind body connection to ignore.  


Spine Corrector

 There are numerous sizes of the arcs or barrels in the method.  Each designed to gradually restore spinal alignment through decompression.  The abdominals are cued to take over for gripped, weak or overdevoloped spinal muscles.  The body learns articulation of individual vertabrae by the abdominals though working with the shape of the barrel.


High Chair

High Chair offers more support for seated and balance work.  Many exercises on the Low Chair are first taught on the High Chair.  It is integral in teaching how to fight back against the compression that gravity has on the spine.


Ladder Barrel

The largest of the barrels and only standing barrel. It is integral in spinal decompression and articulation.  There are numerous stretches done on this piece of apparatus that are easier for those who can’t reach to the floor in order to stretch.



Seemingly unassuming but brutally honest.  This piece will immediately reveal unequal movement out of center.  The springs must move in unison as the spine imitates the strength and centering of the center pole.  It may sound easy, but have you been carrying your purse on the same shoulder for twenty years?  Switch for one day.  The discomfort you will feel is imbalance.  The same goes for that golf bag!    


Arm Chair

One piece that can work all major muscle groups of the shoulders, back and abdominals without getting up. Equally ideal for the athlete with repetitive motion and the cubicle slave being conquered by gravity.  A balanced torso is unparalleled in strength.