Benefits of Pilates


The benefits of Pilates can be easily generalized.  Pilates as a descriptive word for abdominal core strengthening exercises is nothing more than an adjective.  Pilates as the study of Contrology is the idea of Joseph H Pilates. The various apparatus of the Pilates method work with and against the body to balance muscular interaction.  The core or powerhouse facilitate a healthy fluid spine.  The benefits are numerous:


  • Flexibility

  • Joint Decompression

  • Increased Mobility

  • Balance Control

  • Strength and Tone 


The number one complaint to a Pilates instructor “My back feels tight and stiff and my doctor said to do core work but it doesn’t feel better”.  Working in bad alignment and form enforces bad patterning. Misalignment will wear down joints and stress connective tissue. The arm, leg, gluteal and abdominal muscles work for the spine. Keep the spine lengthened, supported and strong within all planes of movement and the entire body will thrive. Pilates can be personalized for rehabilitative purposes at Pilates 804.  It can also be that workout you didn’t expect.


Compression of the spine is the enemy and gravity is winning every minute we let it. The apparatus rely on various spring tensions to resist, lighten or load an exercise. The object is always to release compression of the spine. Stagnancy exacerbates spinal compression until one day the thought of picking up one foot to put on your pants seems exhausting.  Pants are not the enemy your desk chair is.


Pilates is not meant just for the dancer or athlete.  It is meant for everyone. What Pilates can do for you is what you make it. Register for a Class and dive in or a Private Apparatus lesson for individual attention.